Martian participation

No, this is not the landing of little green men on MiGs, but the figures of participation for March.

With 571 played games, March 2013 is a rather good month. Better than February 2013 (497 games) or January 2013 (521 games). And even better than March 2012 (504 games).

The daily average is 18.42 games, and we are above the daily average of the latest 12 months (18.26).

It’s good, but it could be better, considering that abalone has been downloaded about 30,000 times since its release on the App Store.

2013 London MSO

The London Mind Sports Olympiad is currently THE abalone international competition. So, If you don’t want to miss this event of the year, make now a note of the next Olympiad dates: from August 17 to August 26, 2013. The abalone tournament will run on Sunday afternoon, August 25, 2013.


You will find the 2013 MSO calendar and you will be able to register for participation in the events of your choice by clicking on the link below (then tab 2013 schedule)

Giant abalone board game for sale


They are generally seen in toy libraries, in the game industry, and in fairs and shows. I’m aware of neither reseller nor site offering these objects: giant abalone boards.

If you are interested in purchasing an oversized abalone board, you will find a used one  here, for the trifling sum of 295 CHF (Swiss francs), about 242 €.

Ok, it’s not what you’d call cheap, and regarding the colours, I saw best combinations. But it’s really the first time I saw one on the market. And for that price, you also have the proper pedestal.

Still, the oversized abalone board in rosewood, which was available for about 150/180 €, was certainly more elegant.