May problem

The May problem is not really a problem (with just one solution), but more an abalone case study:


This position comes from the game 20543 – Gengis Khan / Caipirinha_Lover – Dutch daisy. Gengis Khan won 6-5 in 68 moves. You can see how viewing MiGs history.

This is the move 62, the score is 3-5, and it is White’s move.

The question is: could Caipirinha_Lover win the game, or at least get out of trouble?


Problem 21944-15y: solved!

In an optimal solution for both players, Black needs 6 moves to defeat his opponent. There is several ways to obtain this result. I would suggest this one because I find it fine :

f6e6 / a5a4
c6b5 / b6c7
d6d7 / c7b6
c5d5c6 / b6a5
c4c5 / f5e4
c5b5 (winning in 6 moves, 6-0).

Special thanks to Lolo for his help in the solving of the problem.