May problem

The May problem is not really a problem (with just one solution), but more an abalone case study:


This position comes from the game 20543 – Gengis Khan / Caipirinha_Lover – Dutch daisy. Gengis Khan won 6-5 in 68 moves. You can see how viewing MiGs history.

This is the move 62, the score is 3-5, and it is White’s move.

The question is: could Caipirinha_Lover win the game, or at least get out of trouble?


MiGs is currently out of order

MiGs is currently out of order. Mogwai’s supplier says: “We are currently experiencing a major outage and have escalated the issue as our highest priority. Please bear with us while we try and resolve the issue. We will update you as soon as we have further information.”

This is what we will do too.


Problem 21944-15y: solved!

In an optimal solution for both players, Black needs 6 moves to defeat his opponent. There is several ways to obtain this result. I would suggest this one because I find it fine :

f6e6 / a5a4
c6b5 / b6c7
d6d7 / c7b6
c5d5c6 / b6a5
c4c5 / f5e4
c5b5 (winning in 6 moves, 6-0).

Special thanks to Lolo for his help in the solving of the problem.