Variation of the month: March 2015

Every month, we bring a new variation to light by publishing a previously edited or unedited game.


Mars was the Roman god of war, so the variation of this month had to be martial. Besides, Abalone often seems like a martial art 😉
The name of the winner of this quick game is awe-inspiring : Genghis Khan! The mere evocation of his name scared even the bravests.
This nickname – meaning « universal ruler » – was the title of the greatest Mongolian Emperor Temüjin, Grand Master in military engineering and enlightened despot.
A pseudonym that suited his owner very well, as it’s true that this great player had all the attributes of the alpha, spreading terror and ruling unchallenged over the gameboards and tablelands of the abalonian steppes.



(click on the picture to see the game)

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