Wall of variations

Clicking on a thumb opens the picture in a new window to allow starting positions to be compared.

85_6-985_Alien85_Aliennage85_Alitration85_AnglAttack85_Poisson d'Avril85_Atomouche85_Marguerite belge85_Boutonnière85_Centrifugeuse85_Damier85_Standard85_Coins85_Croix85_Cœurs croisés85_Couronne85_Def or atak85_Domination85_Domination contre Marguerite85_Duel85_Marguerite hollandaise85_Face à face85_Moulinette85_Forçage85_Fracture85_Marguerite française85_Galette85_Fujiyama85_Marguerite allemande85_Fers à cheval85_ROBOT85_Infiltralien85_Infiltration85_Intimidation85_Marguerite irlandaise85_Labyrinthe85_Mosaïque85_MQuorric185_Neko85_Serment85_Pieuvre85_Pyramide85_Marguerite écossaise85_Sibe85_Slalom85_SnakesSnakes variante85_SnowFlake85_Araignée85_Etoile85_Marguerite suisse85_The arrow85_The wall85_Guirlandes85_Tranchée85_Vraie marguerite85_Alliances85_ROUE85_Moulin85_Etoile de Noël

These pictures were produced with Eob’s Replayer.



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