Innovation of the month: May 2015

Every month a previously unreleased variation.


Coffee or milk

Coffee or milk © saabalone

Spécial thanks to Mogwai, who lived off expresso to concoct us a fancy brand new MiGs! Thank you Mogwai!!!   XD

And of course, we’re all drinking in any news on the development of the server on MiGs Facebook page  😎



Fitting for Eob’s Replayer:

1.c5c3d5 g5g7f5 2.b3b1c3 h7h9g7 3.b4b6c5 h6h4g5 4.c5c7d6 g5g3f4 5.a1a2b2 i8i9h7 6.a4a5b5 i6i5h5 7.b5b6c5 h4h5g4 8.b3c4 h7g6 9.b2c2 h8g8 10.c1d1 g9f9
1.d2d4e3 f3g4g3 2.c2c1 f6f8e6 3.d6d5 g5g7h6 4.d7c6c7 f4f5g5 5.e5e3f5 h6h7 6.d5d4e5 g5g6 7.d1c1
 g6g8f6 8.f3f5g4 e8e6d7 9.c5c4 f9f8e8 10.e5e4f5 i7h7 11.c4d4 h9g9 12.a3b3 d5d7c4 13.b3c3 e8e7d7 14.c2b2 h7h8 15.g4g6h5 c6c4b5 16.f4f5g5 d7d6 17.d8c7d7 d6d5c5 18.d7d6 g3f2g4 19.d4d5 f3f4 20.d3d4 f7f6

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