4-player variations

4-player starting position

Players: 4
Colours: 4
Marbles: 36
Marbles per colour: 9
Author: 3-2-one.com



Rules are identical to Abalone for two players, except for the following amendments:
– each player owns 9 marbles, set up in a rhombus (4-3-2)
– players who face on the board are from the same team
– each team will thus play alternatively
– if one of his/her marbles initiated the move, each player may include marbles belonging to his team-mate in his moves
– he/she may push two opposing marbles of a different colour
– to win the game, push 6 marbles of the opponent team off the board

Note that it is also possible to have each team face the other, thus allowing various tactical combinations from the successive strikes of a single team.

Source: abalonegames.com
Pictures and added information: FightClub
The pictures were produced with Eob’s Replayer.


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