Belgian daisy: game of May 2015

Every month, have a look on a previously edited or unedited game in Belgian daisy, the queen of abalone variations.

Never forget that the players didn’t know the moves in advance 😉

Belgian daisy


(click on the picture to see the game)

Don’t miss the opening!

Your only task in the opening is to reach a playable middlegame.

Lajos Portisch, Hungarian chess Grandmaster (1937-)


Gandalf le Blanc vs. Greenfield (april 2, 2014)

Gandalf le Blanc is well know as one of the most talented abalone player amongst the online community, and Greenfield is maybe a beginner, but one thing is sure: Greenfield didn’t do the job! So the middlegame is not “playable”: it is already played 😉


Aba-Pro notation of the game for Eob’s Replayer:

Belgian daisy
1.a1b2 i5h5 2.a2b3 a4b5 3.b3c4 a5b6 4.i9h8 b6c6 5.i8h7 c6d6 6.h8g7 c7d7b6 7.h9g8 b6c7 8.f7f6 i6h5 9.h7g6 h6g5 10.c4d5 h4g4 11.f5e5 b4b5 12.c3c4 g4f4 13.e5d5 h5g5 14.c4c5 g5f5 15.b4b5 a5a4 16.b5c5 f3e3 17.c5d5 g5f4 18.c7c6 d6e7 19.f5f6 f4f5 20.e5e6 f5e4 21.f6f7 f9e8 22.g7f7 e4d3 23.c5c6 d2d3 24.g8f8 h5i5 25.f8e8


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