A change in strategy

June 21, 2015


Clément-Auguste Andrieux (1829–1880): Battle of Waterloo. June 18, 1815 (1852)
Oil on canvas, 110 x 193 cm
Conservation site: National Museum of the Palace of Versailles


“The great art is to change during the battle. Woe to the general who comes on the field of battle with a system.”

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)


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Variation of the month: June 2015

Every month, we bring a new variation to light by publishing a previously edited or unedited game.



il faut trancher


Trench warfare is by nature a static warfare where the defensive aspect prevails, and where launching an attack on the ennemy proves to be extremely risky.

However, if a starting position was to be associated with this kind of war, that would be by far the Classic – which often turns into a muddy deadlock situation, barbed wire against barbed wire – than Trench, where the main problem lies in the delicate handling of the game’s beginning. For the slightest mistake will end up in a blitzkrieg, and one false move will make you regret having chosen the land army. XD Illustration :


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Aba-Pro notation for the game:

1.d4d6e4 c2c4d3 2.b1b3c2 d5c5 3.c2c3 c6c7d6 4.b4c5 d3d4 5.c5d6 f8f7 6.c3c4 b5c6 7.a5b6a4 c6d7 8.c4c5 d7e8 9.a4b5 f4e3 10.b5c6 e3d3 11.c5d6 f9g9 12.e8f8 f5f6 13.g6g7 f6f7 14.h8g8 d3d4 15.g9f8 c5d5 16.g4g5 d4e5 17.e4f5 e5f6 18.e6e7 f9g9 19.d6e7 f6f7 20.g9f9 h9g9 21.g8h8