Who will play the last move?

August 30, 2015

John Wooden statue, UCLA - cropped
Coach John Wooden statue, in the center of the UCLA campus.


“It is not so important who starts the game but who finishes it.”

(as quoted by Lee Green in Sportswit, Ballantine Books, 1986, p. 19)

John Wooden, American high school basketball coach (1910-2010)


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Vincent Frochot wins the 2015 Abalone World Championship

The Abalone World Championship, one of the Mind Sports Olympiad events, took place on Tuesday August 25, 2015 at the JW3 (Jewish Community Centre for London), 341-351 Finchley Road, London, from 10.15am to 1.45pm.

At the end of the competition, results were as follows:


Vincent Frochot


David Pearce


Joel Malam



Congratulations to Vincent, who wins the title for the fourth time, following three earlier wins in 2007, 2010, and 2011.


Game over?

August 9, 2015


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“[…] it is possible and perhaps theoretically necessary that there should be such a thing as an absolute chess [Abalone] game, i.e. one in which from the first move to the last no stratagem should work, since the best possible move is automatically neutralized. It is not too farfetched to suppose that an electronic computer, having exhausted all conceivable combinations, could construct this ideal game. However, one would no longer be playing chess [Abalone]. The first move alone would determine the winner or perhaps the loser of the game.”

(Man, Play and Games, 1957)

Roger Caillois, French writer (1913-1978)


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