Innovation of the month: October 2015

Every month a previously unreleased variation.


Double Dutch Pillar

Game set: Abalone Quattro
Players: 2
Colours: 3
Marbles: 28
Marbles per player: 12
Number of marbles to eject: 5

Double Dutch Pillar


The rules are the same as those of the classical two-player abalone, with only two exceptions:

  •  B2, B5, H5, and H8 are occupied by the red marbles, which you aren’t allowed to move as they represent pillars. Like the columns of an ancient Greek temple, the pillars cannot be pushed out of the way and prevent you from using the space they occupy.
  • The number of marbles you have to eject is only 5 (41,66 %) to stick close to the ejection rate of the classical version of the game (42,85 %).



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