The upright player

November 29, 2015


“He played the piano [Abalone] standing up
This is perhaps a detail for you
But for me it means a lot
That means he was free
Happy to be here

[Il jouait du piano debout (He played the upright piano),
a song written by Michel Berger and performed by France Gall,
from the album Paris, France (1980), track 1]


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Tricky situation

November 22, 2015

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1) Was kann ich wissen?
2) Was soll ich tun?
3) Was darf ich hoffen?

(Logik, Einleitung, 1800)


Immanuel Kant as depicted in a 18th century painting (source: Wikimedia Commons)


1) What can I know?
2) What should I do?
3) What may I hope?

(Logic, Introduction, 1800)

Immanuel KANT, German philosopher (1724-1804)


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