Ebony and ivory playing together in perfect harmony

September 25, 2016


“I don’t pretend to anything more than harmony.”

Anatoly Karpov, Russian chess grandmaster (1951-)


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A good beginning

September 11, 2016


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(picture source : http://everydaytourist.ca/2013/2013/10/26/louis-lamour-education-of-a-wandering-man)

“A good beginning makes a good ending.”

Louis L’Amour (Louis Dearborn LaMoore), American writer (1908-1988)

This quote is a tribute to the young players of the London MSO Korean team.


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Belgian daisy, 8th move, White to play: a good beginning for Black!

Aba-Pro notation for this opening:

Belgian daisy
1.a1b2 i5h5 2.a2b3 i6h6 3.c2c3 a5b5 4.b3c4 b5c5 5.g7g8f6 b6c6 6.b2c3c2 c7d7 7.b1c2 h4g4 8.h7h9g7