Abalone, open!

Chess, Draughts or Othello have only one starting position:

Starting position in chess from black side

Starting position in international draughts from black side

Starting position in Othello

Abalone has dozens! (:

Enough to play one thousand and one nights (^_-)—☆

An abalonian version of the Scheherazade story q:


2 thoughts on “Abalone, open!

  1. True… if you forget Chess960, dozen of historical variations… and infinite modern variants of chess, checkers and even Reversi.

  2. Humm…, you’re right! ^^’ But not in the same way (^_-)—☆

    In the case of Abalone, we have this problem: the “Official” starting position is a bad one! It leads to a huge percentage of draws at high level of gameplay ):

    This is why the Abalone player community is trying to abolish the “Classical” variation as the official one, and make this game a multi-variant game by nature. Or if not, replace the Classical by the Belgian daisy as the “Official” starting position.

    This is the real meaning of this post, and it is this openness that the community is calling for from the owners of the game.

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