Consult the history

MiGs has currently (June 2012) more than 12000 saved games, making it by far the largest abalone games library presently available on the net.

All these games can be viewed in the history.

A distinction can be made between:

1 – the general history: it contains all (or almost all) the games played on the server, listed in chronological order.

You can access to the chronological list of the almost 13000 games saved on MiGs. (In fact, not quite 13000, I will tell you why later)

All you need to do is click on the “history” tab in the main menu bar:


Then, in the window that opens, click on the “search” tab without enter any search criterion:


This will give access to the list of all the games, from the most recent to the oldest.

But how access to the games which interest you? Suppose that you want to retrieve all the games played on July 2008; obviously, it will be burdensome to do a search flipping the pages one by one (there are more than 800!). It’s better to scroll through the history giving outside dates of the games sought, using the small calendars (from… to…) – click on the small calendars to enlarge them.

Know that the oldest saved game on MiGs is the game #159, played on October 15, 2006. This is a test game, comprising only three moves. A lot of games have not been saved, even after October 15, 2006, because they were of no interest (mostly tests games with some moves only, or without any played move, due to technical problems). This is only from the game #1120 (February 5, 2008) that they were almost systematically saved. The oldest game entirely saved, played in full and won by the score, is the game #357, on October 29, 2006 (CH4 vs. floopy, victory of CH4 with the blacks in 73 moves with a score of 6-4).

2 – the individual histories: each username has a history of the games he played on MiGs; each individual history is a part of the general history.   We will see how to consult your own history, or the other players’ one, as well as the tools which make it easier and more interesting.

(to be continued)