How to register on MiGs?

How to register on MiGs?

It’s very easy, and it takes no more than one minute or two.

After clicking on the following link: MiGs, you will see this screen appear:


After a few seconds of loading, you will see the following screen, comprising a register window:


The register is anonymous, no address nor personal data will be requested.

You have just to enter your username (the nickname you choose to appear on the site) and your password, then to click on “new account”. After this, you will confirm your password, and to finish you will click on “create the account”:


A message will indicate to you if the account has been successfully created. After this, all you have to do is click on “connect” to access the site.


On your subsequent visits, you will only click on “connect”.

Note:   If you forget your password, it will be impossible to retrieve it. This is the counterpart of anonymity. But don’t worry: you can create a new username to access MiGs. So you can create as many usernames as you like.