Overview of MiGs

When you will be registered, then at each of your visits, you will access to MiGs’ main window by clicking on “connect”.
[connect ou login]

At you first connection, the main window is set out as follows:


Thereafter, you will be able to change the appearance of the main window. We will see how any further.

This main window contains several areas, that we will look a little more closely:

1 – browser bar tabs
2 – main menu bar
3 – general dialog window
4 – server activity window
5 – news window of the server
6 – private dialog window
7 – status window
8 – help window

you cannot act on the area 1 and 2, circled in green.

The area 1 (browser bar tabs) contains at least the tabs “status” and “server activity”; it can contains other tabs if you open other windows with the main menu bar.
The area 2 (main menu bar) contains 8 tabs, and can contain a ninth tab for the tournament organizers.

You can open or close as you like the windows circled in red (3 to 8):

– the windows 3 ,5, 6, and 8 can be opened or closed with the yellow arrow in the corner of each of these windows; these windows are fixed.
– the windows 4 and 7 can be closed by clicking on the cross in the corner of the windows;
They can be reopened by clicking on the corresponding tab in the browser bar tabs (the blue strip on the top of these windows reminds that they are linked with the browser bar tabs).

These windows are movable and can be moved by maintaining the left click button

You can change the appearance of the main window at the opening of MiGs, by reducing the number of open windows

To do this, go to the “Preferences” tab on the area 2, then in the “View” tab. You can choose not to display the windows 5, 7, and 8 at start, by unchecking the corresponding arrows.

– the windows 3 and 4 are always displayed at login; the window 6 is always closed at login.