The available variations on MiGs

In addition to the default starting position, which is the Belgian daisy, MiGs offers you the possibility of playing many variations.

They are distributed in two lists, where you can make your choice just before you launch a direct invitation:

– the classics: they are 14 (including Standard and Belgian daisy).  They are the variations previously available on NetAbalone. You can find these variations on the wikipedia French page “abalone” – see “variantes les plus répandues” (“most common variations”).

– the experimentals: they are 28. They are divided into “balanced” and “unbalanced” variations.

You can find the balanced experimental variations on the wikipedia French page “abalone” – see “autres variantes équilibrées” (“other balanced variations”). Caution: the atomouche, which only has 24 marbles, corners, which has 26 marbles, and the silbe, which has 30 marbles, are not available on MiGs.

You can find the unbalanced experimental variations on the wikipedia French page “abalone” – see “quelques variantes déséquilibrées” (“some unbalanced variations”). Caution: the arrow, which has 27 marbles, is not available on MiGs.

Note that combining these 42 variations with the different possible purposes (push off 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 marbles), you reach 252 possibilities (but with only one or two marbles to push off, some variations become a Russian roulette).

Couple even these 252 possibilities with a pillar or a water well, and you reach 1008 possibilities. Abalone has no limits!