The visiting card

Each username is associated with a visiting card, also called “player’s detail”.

A player’s visiting card can be viewed:

– either by left click followed by right click on somebody’s name (in the server activity window) ; a pull-down menu will open, proposing “view detail” ; click on “view detail”

– or, in the game window, by clicking on the three points to the right of the player’s name


– or also, for the offline players’ card, by selecting the “hall of fame” tab, in the main menu bar.

In each of this three available lists (ELO, privileges and connection tabs) do a left click on somebody’s name then another left click on “view detail” (at the bottom of the window). If the search concerns a player who is not on these lists, go to the tab “players” ; enter the name of the player you are looking for, click on “go”, its name appears (several names may display) ; do a left click on the player you are looking for then click on “view detail”.

This is an example of visiting card:


The visiting card has 3 tabs: ELO, Rewards and Location. It always opens to the ELO tab, as above.

On the right side of the image and from top to bottom, we find the following information:

– username

– username’s creation date

– date of the first game played with this username

– total number of games played with this username

– free elo: this is the number of points won by this username in the MiGs’ ranking table. Each game played affects the ranking (except when the point gap between the two players is more than 200)

– tournament elo: the tournament function is currently unavailable, so only the players who participated in a tournament before June 11, 2011 are likely to have a tournament elo.

– rules of calculation: by clicking on the tab, you find indications about the way elo is calculated.

– privileges: the number of points refers to the number of games played by the username over the past six months (or since the username’s creation date if it is less than six months)

– level of proficiency: this function is currently inactive ; all the players are blue belt

On the left side of the visiting card, a place allows the insertion of an avatar of its choice from each player’s personal image library (maximum size: 64Ko)

Under the avatar, you will find a reminder of its free elo ranking.