Paint it Black… and White!

January 7, 2018

Maureen O’Hara in the 1950s.

“In the beginning it was all black and white.”

Maureen O’Hara, American-Irish actress (1920-2015)


The planet Abalonia, in a galaxy far, far away… ^^


Abalone New Edition 2017 by Asmodée


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The great abalone contest

You don’t need to be an outstanding player to take part in the contest; however, it is better not to have two left hands.

The general idea: create your own abalone board, take a picture, or even better, film it in action. Send us your pictures and we will publish it on the blog. Readers of the blog will vote for the one they like the most. The winner will be rewarded by having their picture used as an illustration for the blog during six months.

It is not forbidden to compete with this kind of abalone board and marbles, but in addition to aesthetics, the gameplay will of course be an important aspect at the point of voting.


If you lack inspiration, go and see these unique pieces which prove that with some cleverness, know-how and aesthetic sense, an abalone board can be all but a mere piece of plastic.

Please note that computer generated images are excluded from this contest, but could be the subject of a future competition.

Deadline for submission of your work in order to take part in the contest: September 1, 2015. Of course, we will be happy to publish any creation even those sent after this date.


Rule, Abalone!

March 1, 2015


“The game of Chess [Abalone] is played by two persons, each having at command a little army of sixteen [fourteen] men, upon a[n hexagonal] board divided into sixty-four squares [sixty-one circles].”

Howard Staunton, English writer and chessmaster (1810-1874)


All quotes in the Dictionnary of quotes.