My name is Fight, and I am funky!
My name is Fight, the one and only!

I did not come to fun around
’til I get your 6 marbles I won’t leave this board
Without a pistol, without a gun
When you see my style, you’ll be havin’ fun
I ain’t sayin’ I’m better, no better than you
But if you wanna play with me, you better know the rules

My name is Fight, and I am funky!
My name is Fight, the one and only!
My name is Fight!
My name is Fight!
My name is Fight!
My name is Fight!
My name is Fight!
My name is Fight!

Lyrics inspired from My Name Is Prince, track 1 from Prince album Love Symbol (1992).

Prince died on April 21 at the age of 57. FightClub is still alive, as evidenced by this blog!

Back to the roots of Abalone

It all started 30 years ago… After the first edition in 1988, the game Abalone has spanned generations and years with the same authenticity and it became a classic and powerful abstract game.

Here is a beautiful video from the official Abalone Facebook account, showing a testimony of the designers Michel Lalet and Laurent Lévi about the origins of their game:

Take your chance!

August 11, 2019

Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington circa 1940s.

“A problem is a chance for you to do your best.”

Duke Ellington, American jazz musician (1899-1974)

All quotes in the Dictionnary of quotes.


Duke Ellington playing the piano (undated).

No problem for him: Duke Ellington can play Black and White in the same time! (^_-)b


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Problem of the month: February 2019

A previously unreleased endgame problem.



The way I like it
Is the way it is:
The one who moves first
Is the one who wins
Like an, like an eject machine, man!
Movin’, doin’ it, you know
Can I count it off?

James B. White, Get Up (I Feel Like Being An) Eject Machine q:

James Brown in 1950.

You wanna hear it like it did on the top fellas? (Yeah!)


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Oh Daisy, please!!!

If you like Abalone, you may like Belgian daisy:

The Belgian daisy variation with Peas vs. Stainless steel marbles. Peas begins ^^

But do you like brussels? q:

Moral: play as you like! And you may like some Abalone variations and not some others. It is your absolute right as a player (^_-)—☆


See also: Get out your fork!

Get out your fork!

A fork is a tactic move whereby several opponent pieces are directly and simultaneously attacked.


A previously unreleased Abalone exercise.


You play stainless steel (grey) versus vegetable (green).
Your turn to move. Enjoy your meal! q:

A good fork! This is what you need to catch three of these runaway little green balls ^^
If you play the best possible move, how many tines will your fork have?