Mission: impossible?





"Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be as follows: you play Black, and your opponent threatens to eject two of your marbles, enough to actually win the game. But fortunately it's your turn to play, and you have 30 seconds to brainstorm and to win by score. If you fail, the Abalonian Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions."



Abalone World Championship 2015: the final!

Here is a video that’s worth gold! The 2015 Abalone World Championship’s final game, complemented with commentary by this year’s tournament winner himself – Vincent Frochot. Enjoy!


You can view the game in pdf format by clicking the picture below:

AWC 2015 Final 400


Aba-Pro notation of the game :

Belgian daisy
1.a1b2 i5h5 2.a2b3 i6h6 3.b3c4 g4g5 4.i9h8 h6g6 5.c2c3 c6c7d6 6.g7g9f7 g5h5f4 7.b2c3 h4g4 8.h7i8h6 a4b4a3 9.e5d5 g4f4 10.b4b5 f4e4 11.c5b4 g6f5 12.f7f9e7 f5e5 13.b5b6c5 f6e5 14.a3b4a4 e6d6 15.e9e8 c6d6 16.b5c5 d7c6 17.b6b5 c6d6 18.h8h9g7 f5e4 19.b1a1 c2c3 20.g7g8f7 f6e6 21.a4b5 e4d4 22.g6h6g7 c3c4 23.c7b6 d7c6 24.g7i7f6 d4c4 25.a1b2 a4b5 26.f8f7 d7d6 27.g6g5 b4c4 28.e7f7 c6d6 29.h6g5 f6e6 30.g7g6 b3b4 31.g6f5 c2d2 32.b6c7 c6c5 33.f7f6 d2e3 34.c2d2 d6d5 35.f5e4 b5c5 36.d1d2 c5d5 37.d3e4 c2c3 38.e4d3 e3e4 39.d2d3 c3c4 40.e8e7 d6c5 41.c7d8 e4e5 42.d8e8 b4c4 43.g4f4 e7e6 44.e8f8e7 d7d6 45.e3f4 a3b3 46.d3d4 d7c6 47.h5g4 b3a3 48.g4g5 e4e5 49.e8f8 b4c4 50.g5g6 c6c5 51.d6d5 e7e6 52.h6g6 a3b4 53.d4d5 c3d4 54.d5d6 d8c7 55.e6d6 b4c5 56.e7d7 g8h8 57.f6g7 i9i8 58.f7g7

Belgian daisy: game of May 2015

Every month, have a look on a previously edited or unedited game in Belgian daisy, the queen of abalone variations.

Never forget that the players didn’t know the moves in advance 😉

Belgian daisy


(click on the picture to see the game)

Don’t miss the opening!

Your only task in the opening is to reach a playable middlegame.

Lajos Portisch, Hungarian chess Grandmaster (1937-)


Gandalf le Blanc vs. Greenfield (april 2, 2014)

Gandalf le Blanc is well know as one of the most talented abalone player amongst the online community, and Greenfield is maybe a beginner, but one thing is sure: Greenfield didn’t do the job! So the middlegame is not “playable”: it is already played 😉


Aba-Pro notation of the game for Eob’s Replayer:

Belgian daisy
1.a1b2 i5h5 2.a2b3 a4b5 3.b3c4 a5b6 4.i9h8 b6c6 5.i8h7 c6d6 6.h8g7 c7d7b6 7.h9g8 b6c7 8.f7f6 i6h5 9.h7g6 h6g5 10.c4d5 h4g4 11.f5e5 b4b5 12.c3c4 g4f4 13.e5d5 h5g5 14.c4c5 g5f5 15.b4b5 a5a4 16.b5c5 f3e3 17.c5d5 g5f4 18.c7c6 d6e7 19.f5f6 f4f5 20.e5e6 f5e4 21.f6f7 f9e8 22.g7f7 e4d3 23.c5c6 d2d3 24.g8f8 h5i5 25.f8e8

Abalone, a permanent art form

December 14, 2014


Go Seigen at the Ing Cup finals in March 2009. Photo: Zhang Jingna*



Aba-go (design & picture by Eob)


“[…] for people who play it, Go [Abalone] is like an eternal friend, a permanent art form.”

Go Seigen, Chinese-born Japanese Go grandmaster (1914-2014)

*  Zhang Jingna is a Singapore based professional photographer and a Go player



All quotes in the Dictionnary of quotes.