The three most important words

Didier Deschamps

“The three most important words are: serenity, confidence, concentration.”

(Press conference, july 14, 2018)

Didier Deschamps, French football player and national team manager (1968-)

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Any forecast? (^_^)



Something vs. nothing

Statue of G.W. Leibniz in the Leipzig University courtyard

“Why is there something rather than nothing? After all, nothing is simpler and easier than something.”

(The Principles of Nature and Grace, Based on Reason, 1714)

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, German polymath and philosopher (1646-1716)

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… (x_x)



Let’s talk, let’s play! (^_^)


No position without opposition

Yin and Yang

“We can’t paint white over white neither can we paint black over black. Each needs the other to reveal itself.”

African proverb

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White over White and Black over Black /-:

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Will you find the original two-coloured position? This is a Belgian daisy opening after a few moves (^_^)


Imagination vs. Memory

Stephen Covey photographed at Arlington Convention Center, Arlington, Texas, USA.
Photo: Eleanor Bentall, october 13, 2004.

“And I can change. I can live [or play] out of my imagination instead of my memory. I can tie myself to my limitless potential instead of my limiting past. I can become my own first creator.”

(The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, 1989)

Stephen Covey, American businessman and keynote speaker (1932-2012)

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A visionary mind

Napoleon Bonaparte. Portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte 1769-1821 at the battle. Detail of a painting by Joseph Chabord 1786-1848. Museo Napoleonico, Rome Italy

“Imagination rules the world [of Abalone].”

(quoted by Las Cases in Mémorial de Sainte-Hélène *, January 7, 1816 **)

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

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If you’re an inventive player, you create more opportunities to destabilize your opponent. They will need more time to think and will become more likely to make mistakes. This will give you the upper hand in the game.