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Sorry, this is a “free” blog. I don’t want to earn money from it and I will not pay for it.

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My purpose is just to make you play and make the marbles dance on the gameboard (:


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Abalone Game Situation 1

Today we are opening a new post category!
The purpose of theses new posts is to give you some material to practice on.
Unlike abalone problems, these abalone game situations may not be endgames but just middlegames, and endgames may not have a single solution.



This game situation was a request from two abalone players. It is based on the August 2018 problem, but the turn has been reversed. It’s a little bit more challenging now, isn’t it? (^_-)—☆


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Who we are

December 26,2013

This blog has been created by Gramgroum in 2013.

It is managed by Gramgroum and FightClub, two abalone fans.

It is a key source of information, promotion, learning and exchange about abalone in general, and in particular MiGs, the only abalone game server currently available on the Internet, allowing online games against other players from all over the world.


October 22, 2014

MiGs shut down on August 1, 2014. There is currently no abalone online game server available. Players hope that a new one will open someday…