Abalone for lovers

Have a nice day
It’s Valentine’s Day! (:

Crossed hearts, an Abalone variation by Loulei and gohatto



Fight The Power and Make America Rage Again!


Fracture, an Abalone variation by Laurent Pagli.

Since 2016, America is fractured. And everybody knows who did this (^_-)—☆

So they say it loud and clear:

Rage Against The Machine + Public Enemy + Cypress Hill = Prophets Of Rage

Prophets of Rage – Tour 2019 (click on the pic to access it)


Another wall

January 27, 2019

“I would build a great wall […].
I will build a great great wall […].”*

(Donald Trump’s Presidential Announcement Speech)

Donald Trump, American businessman, comedian, and television personality (1946-)

* I’m down with this but only if it is a wall around Donald Trump himself q:




The Wall, the Abalone variation.

Wanna see a real great wall? Look at this!


All other quotes in the Dictionnary of quotes.

Yellow vests protests: an abalonian vision

Police officers facing ‘yellow vests’ in Charleville-Mézières,
(Ardennes, France), in December 1, 2018
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‘Yellow vests’ facing police officers in Charleville-Mézières,
(Ardennes, France), in December 1, 2018
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How much does a French police officer earn? (in French. The figures date from 2013, but it’s roughly the same in 2018…)


The “official” 4-player rule

After the “official” rule for 3 players, here is the “official” rule for 4 players, from the same board game box: Abalone+ multiplayers.




This variant opposes two teams of two players. Each player has nine marbles, disposed as shown on the diagram 1.

Diagram 1

Any communication between players of the same team is strictly forbidden.


The goal of the game for each team is to push six marbles of the opposite team out of play, into the board’s outer rim. The ejected marble can belong to one opponent or the other.


They are exactly the same as those of the 2-player rule. Each player can move in a same time 1, 2, or 3 of his marbles to a free point. All the directions are possible, forward, backward (“inline moves”), and even laterally (“side-step moves”).

You are not allowed to push more than 3 marbles of your colour in the same time. Marbles over 3 are not considered, so it is impossible to have Sumitos of 4 against 3, 5 against 2, etc. The maximum marbles of your colour which can be moved is 3.


You can push opponents’ marbles if you are in a Sumito position, as shown on the diagram 2:

Diagram 2

2 marbles of the same team can push 1 marble of the opponent team.

3 marbles of the same team can push 1 marble of the opponent team.

3 marbles of the same team can push 2 marbles of the opponent team.

To make a Sumito, to can count the marbles (1 or 2) of your partner, but the first marble has to belong to you. You can push 2 marbles of the opponent team regardless of their colour.


A marble is ejected when a push make it go out of the board by any of the 6 sides of the hexagon, as shown on the diagram 3:

Diagram 3

Please note that the first team who pushed off 6 marbles of the other team wins the game.