How to become a problem-solving leader?

July 28, 2019

(Gerald M. Weinberg at the BizConf in August 21, 2009, by Carl-Johan Kihlbom)

“Problem-solving leaders have one thing in common: a faith that there’s always a better way.”

Gerald Weinberg, American computer scientist (1933-2018)

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A Belgian daisy middlegame: Aba-Pro level 10 (Black) vs. Human (White).

I can hardly imagine that Aba-Pro level 10 really played this last move oÔ


Logic vs. Imagination

Albert Einstein in 1929

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

Attributed to Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

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A1B2 in Aba-Pro notation (A1D4 in Nacre notation)

Go from A to B is not a bad way to start an abalone game (^_-)—☆


Sons of Strategy

This creation is inspired from the logo of the US TV series Sons of Anarchy,
created by Kurt Sutter.


“MC” stands for “Marbles Crew” instead of “Motorcycle Club”:


The Circle-A is used here as a symbol for the strategy game Abalone® as well:

Logo of Aba-Pro, one of the most famous Abalone program.


The Grim Reaper is holding an Abalone marble in his hand instead of a crystal ball:

White Abalone marble.


Play Abalone and have fun!

Abalone game, new edition 2017.


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ULA (Uncle Lolo’s Abalone)

ULA (Uncle Lolo’s Abalone) is among the most powerful programs playing to Abalone. It has been developed by Laurent Pagli, best known as IA de lolo. I let the programmer introduce himself his work:

° ° ° ° ° °

ULA (Uncle Lolo’s Abalone) is a PC program running on Windows.
This program has been developed in a Borland Delphi language, a kind of Pascal language.
The functioning of this AI is classic: minimax with alpha–beta pruning, conversion tables, and pruning a priori move options, to go faster.
To give an idea of its game level, with a same time of reflection, ULA is a little bit less strong than Aba-Pro (to my despair), but its strongest level has already defeated it!
Graphical user interface allows playing (fortunately!), but I would have liked to have improved more if I would have had the time and patience… There again, I think that Aba-Pro is much better made.

So why use ULA program?
– Its playing style is not the same as Aba-Pro
– We can give it a playing style more or less aggressive and introduce randomness to add variety in the game
– We can force it to avoid a repetition of the position
– We can fix a starting position an solve a problem like “black wins in x moves”, or “how many moves to defeat Black?”
– ULA allows seeing the whole sequence of moves planned for it and its opponent
– It has a great number of variants, and you can ever take the option pillar (the central space is locked)
– I think that its highest level – if you have a powerful PC… and a lot of patience! – is probably unbeatable.

ULA lacks an opening book, and maybe a lot of other things. I did let I go a little and it is not completed, and still in process.

If you want to try it, and give me your opinion or suggestions, or if you want further information about its programming, send me a mail to:

I will send to you its temporary .exe.

iadelolo, march 12, 2014, 16h43 min (France)