2017 MSO World-Braining Korea Championship

An official Abalone tournament will be part of the 2017 MSO World-Braining Korea Championship, which is the Korean version of the UK’s Mind Sports Olympiad.

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saturday, 3 and sunday, 4 of june 2017


Korea Job World
Suwon, (4-6, Jeongja-dong)
501, Bundangsuseo-ro, Bundang-gu

Suwon lies about thirty kilometres/nineteen miles south of Seoul.

Details and booking:

  • by mail: coroncine2@naver.com
  • by phone: +82-(0) 31 8977114

More information at: http://www.msoworld.com/2017/02/mso-korea-championship/


Fighting to death

October 9, 2016


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“So, you fight to the death in a chess [an abalone] game. You try to use all your skills, your weapons your capabilities to win the war. A lot of people do not realize that kind of depth in a chess [an abalone] game.”

Ashley Maurice, Jamaican American chess grandmaster (1966-)


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