Dance Little Marbles

Paris, June 23, 2018


Middlegame situation.
The score is 2-2.
Whose turn is next? We don’t know.
Who may reach 6 the first?


The power of imagination

“L’imagination prend le pouvoir.”*

(Slogan de mai 68, rue de Seine, Paris, 3 mai 1968)


* Imagination takes power.

(Parisian May 68 slogan, rue de Seine, Paris, France, May 3, 1968)

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A powerful opening for Black, played by MLA (IA) – max


The upright player

November 29, 2015


“He played the piano [Abalone] standing up
This is perhaps a detail for you
But for me it means a lot
That means he was free
Happy to be here

[Il jouait du piano debout (He played the upright piano),
a song written by Michel Berger and performed by France Gall,
from the album Paris, France (1980), track 1]


All quotes in the Dictionnary of quotes.