The game must go on (Yeah!)

June 23, 2019

Hans Ree on January 17, 1973 (some rights reserved; see credits)

“Play out a boring game to the end and funny things can happen; Fischer knew it.”

Hans Ree, Dutch chess grandmaster and writer (1944-)


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Abalone Game Situation 4

A previously unreleased game situation.



The score is 4-5. Black to play. White just played c4d5 and Black played f3g4 before. Who will win this crazy endgame?

Keep in mind that in a real game, players may not find the best solution (^_-)—☆


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Material advantage vs. Positional advantage

Black has a material advantage, but White has a huge positional advantage.


To the experienced abalone player, winning this game with White may be as easy as 1-2-3. But a beginner might have trouble…

And you? What are you able to do with this? Just test it with your friends (:


All players are artists.

September 2, 2018

Marcel Duchamp moulé vif, 1967
(bronze with brown patina, onyx and black Belgian marble – further details here)

“Having been close to both artists and chess [or Abalone] players, I have come to the personal conclusion that while all artists are not chess [or Abalone] players, all chess [or Abalone] players are artists.”

Marcel Duchamp, French/American artist and chess player (1887-1968)


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Abalone World Championship 2018 – Round 4, move 21, Black to move

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A visionary mind

Napoleon Bonaparte. Portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte 1769-1821 at the battle. Detail of a painting by Joseph Chabord 1786-1848. Museo Napoleonico, Rome Italy

“Imagination rules the world [of Abalone].”

(quoted by Las Cases in Mémorial de Sainte-Hélène *, January 7, 1816 **)

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

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If you’re an inventive player, you create more opportunities to destabilize your opponent. They will need more time to think and will become more likely to make mistakes. This will give you the upper hand in the game.


The power of imagination

“L’imagination prend le pouvoir.”*

(Slogan de mai 68, rue de Seine, Paris, 3 mai 1968)


* Imagination takes power.

(Parisian May 68 slogan, rue de Seine, Paris, France, May 3, 1968)

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A powerful opening for Black, played by MLA (IA) – max