Problem of the month: June 2020

An old Abalone endgame problem.



This old Abalone problem from Phedra (aka Gramgroum) can be dated back at least to 2012. In the original problem, you play Black and Black is on the move. There is several solutions.

What happens if White is on the move?


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Will you stop (the) Fight?

From this situation (move 34y)…

Situation after the move 34y. Black to play 35x. Click to enlarge.

…taken from a recent online game where Black will lose 5-6 (move 59y)…

Situation at the end of the game played online. Click to enlarge.

… I play Black, you play White, and I dare you to stop me from winning in a maximum of 8 moves (15 half moves). If I fail, I give up and you win!

My first move will be : E6F7 (Aba-Pro notation):

New situation after my move 35x. E6F7. Now it’s up to you! 😉


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My name is Fight, and I am funky!
My name is Fight, the one and only!

I did not come to fun around
’til I get your 6 marbles I won’t leave this board
Without a pistol, without a gun
When you see my style, you’ll be havin’ fun
I ain’t sayin’ I’m better, no better than you
But if you wanna play with me, you better know the rules

My name is Fight, and I am funky!
My name is Fight, the one and only!
My name is Fight!
My name is Fight!
My name is Fight!
My name is Fight!
My name is Fight!
My name is Fight!

Lyrics inspired from My Name Is Prince, track 1 from Prince album Love Symbol (1992).

Prince died on April 21 at the age of 57. FightClub is still alive, as evidenced by this blog!

Abalone champion Vincent Frochot interviewed by The Board Game Kaptain

Hi Abalone fans! Here is an exclusive and nice interview by Josh from The Board Game Kaptain, with 8 time World Abalone Champion, Vincent Frochot. Have a nice viewing! 😎

3rd International Mind Sports Open (Online)

Hello Abalone players and other abstract players!
Yesterday, Franscesco Salerno shared this interesting piece of information on Facebook:

Hi all! I wanted to let you know that the Mind Sports Event supposed to be held in Madrid on the first days of May, organized by MusiChess and @aprenderjugandolapalma, has been postponed (more info in the next months) for the reasons we all know.

Considering most of us will spend long time at home, the event has been reconverted into an online event! The format is different and quite interesting. There are 3 main tournaments (Modern Abstract Strategy, Classic Abstract Strategy, Chess Variants) and the players will have to play all the games proposed for each round. Around 4 days per round for a total of a month roughly, starting on the 1st of April.

Have a look on the rules!

Stay safe everyone and keep playing!!

Franscesco Salerno